There are delicious restaurants anywhere in Tokyo.  However, There are battleground that crowded dining. 
We introduce a place that is worth going out for dinner to the area all the way.


One stop from Shibuya. You should visit this area if you want a delicious dinner. It is a battleground that crowded popular Dining.

All dining spots in Ebisu
Recommend gourmet spots in Ebisu

★★Shinjuku / Shibuya★★

For the big terminal on behalf of Japan, There are all kinds of dining. In particular, Izakaya and Restaurant all-you-can-eat are concentrated in entertainment district. 

All dining spots in Shibuya
Recommend gourmet spots in Shibuya  
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Tourist spots such as Meiji Shrine, Takeshita street and Omotesando.  Harajuku is the the gateway to them.
There are a lot of cosmopolitan dining spots.

All dining spots in Harajuku
Recommend gourmet spots in Harajuku


It is a city where you can feel the Asian the vibrant such as Ameyoko and old-fashioned dining spots.

All dining spots in Ueno
Recommend gourmet spots in Ueno coming soon!


Such as Shinjuku, Ikebukuro is also the big terminal on behalf of Japan. In particular, we recommend Yakiniku(BBQ) and all-you-can-eat dining.

All dining spots in Ikebukuro
Recommend gourmet spots in Ikebukuro  
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