Hi! Welcome to Guinavi. Now, do you know what takoyaki is?
Takoyaki is one of the most popular B class gourmet in Japan.  
Some of you might know about takoyaki, others have been hoping to try them once. We introduce takoyaki briefly! Takoyaki is originally from Osaka and one of the widely-known “konamon (food mainly made of flour)”. Putting octopus in flour and make a round shape. It could be said that almost all Japanese have tried takoyaki once. Takoyaki is that famous gourmet so if you stay in Japan, you should definitely try takoyaki! So we would love to introduce one of the popular takoyaki places in Tokyo this time. It’s called “Tsukiji Gindako Highball-Sakaba Shibuya Higashiguchi-ten”

★★Tsukiji Gindako Highball-Sakaba Shibuya Higashiguchi-ten★★
This place “Gindako” is one of the best-known takoyaki restaurants in Tokyo. Crispy outside, creamy inside! The texture of octopus is juicy! You can put favorite topping like green onion and cheese on takoyaki. Takoyaki place is usually doesn’t have a space to eat and to-go (take-away) only. But this place has seats inside the store so you can enjoy takoyaki with beer! Please enjoy this wonderful experience with TAKOYAKI!
場所:2-22-13 Shibuya,shibuya-ku,tokyo

Gindako is located next to large shopping building “HIKARIE” and few minutes’ walk from station exit. The exterior of this place is kind of retro. Don’t hesitate! Let’s go and try!

Not only the exterior but the atmosphere of this place is so retro! It’s hard to find this kind of bar style takoyaki place. The inside of the place was so energetic and when we took this pictures, there were so crowded and no seats available all day long.

This is menu. They have takoyaki and highball of course. But there are yakisoba, gyoza and sweets as well! You can enjoy variety kinds of menu other than takoyaki! 



Now we ordered takoyaki! The left one is standard takoyaki. Crispy outside, creamy inside! The octopus inside is juicy! You will love that taste! The right one has unique toppings on them. They are cheese and mentaiko(cod roe). You can try them only at Gindako! 

Whisky highball and takoyaki…how could they be a good match..? But wow! What a great couple they are! Don’t eat too much! Don’t drink too much! But I’m sure you will!! And you won’t forget to enjoy dessert! 

Do you want to visit this place? There are so many places that you can eat takoyaki but if you want to drink beer at the bar style place, this “Tsukiji Gindako Highball-Sakaba” is the one and the only!  Please visit this takoyaki place and try some delicious takoyaki!


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