Hokkaido ramen seasoned with miso here in Tokyo! Near the railway station.
Sapporo ramen is known as its miso-based flavor. You can savor the rich and somehow nostalgic miso flavor of Sapporo ramen without leaving Tokyo. A wide variety of type of ramen, side dishes, and toppings. Foreign tourists’ favorite, instant dried noodles are available here. 

★★Rich miso flavor ramen★★

Miso ramen is 800 yen, which once you get a taste of this, you will be hooked! The Chiese-style fried rice is 700 yen. The side dishes like the fried rice and the bowl of fried rice with mayonnaise are popular as well. Enjoy them with ramen!

★★1 minute’ walk from Ebisu JR/subway station★★

Ebisu station is next to Shibuya station by Yamanote line. There are plenty of gourmet restaurants in this area. The restaurant is near the east exit, a very handy place to go.

Spot Sapporo Junren (Ebisu)               さっぽろ純連 恵比寿店  
Address 4-4-1 ebisu shibuyaku,tokyo
Address(Japanese) 東京都渋谷区恵比寿4-4-1 セント恵比寿ビル1F
TEL 03-3441-8720
Business hours 11:00~22:30
Holiday None
Credit card None
English menu  
English speaker  
URL http://www.junren.co.jp/
AUP 1000yen
Way East exit of Ebisu JR/subway station.  Turn to the right and go to the stairs. The restaurant is on the left side at the bottom of the stairs,

A.East exit of Ebisu JR/subway station. 

B.Turn to the right 

C.and go to the stairs. 

D.The restaurant is on the left side at the bottom of the stairs,

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