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In Japan, even if it goes to which town, many izakaya are located. 
There are many reasons Izakaya is popular in Japan.

•Reasonable price
•High cost performance, and delicious
•All-you-can-drink often

Probably because the newly opened in summer of this year, are not well known. However, the view is good, a relaxing bar piano plays. Moreover beer is 500yen Happy Hour time weekdays. It is located with a view most of northern observatory floor of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

Recommend Raw oysters spots in Tokyo
coming soon!

Try to eat "Shabu-syabu" all-you-can-eat  
coming soon!

Try to eat  "B-class gourmet  foods" 
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Try to eat Sushi in Tsukiji fisher market
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Recommend spot    

Robata Jinya Ebisu Honjin

JINYA’s proud skewer dishes are reasonable enough for our customers to come everyday; our specialty dish doteyaki JPY100, common skewer dish, and rare and expensive skewer dish!


Coupon:  "JINYA’s specialty", doteyaki, per skewer


all-you-can-eat restaurant.
Enjoy our selection of beef, pork and fresh vegetables delivered straight from the market in your favorite soup for just 2,604yen 


Boiled pot rice specialty restaurant.
Skewers of secret sauce is really delicious.

Ginza Honten    Shibuya
Meguro        Shinbashi  

Kurogo (Honten)coming soon!
Yakiniku, Ikebukuro
Shop to provide reasonable really delicious Yakiniku. 
You can eat a luxury meat of A5 rank.

Singapore restaurant
Chicken rice is the soul food of Singapore. 

Sakanaya Kiimon
Sashimi, Ebisu
Reasonable and delicious, you can feel the OMOTENASHI of Japan.

Chinese cuisine Tenka
Chinese, Okachimachi
Within walking distance from Ueno and Okachimachi  area.
Coupon: 1 Beer or Soft drink

Tonkatsu wako
Tonkatsu, Shinjuku
Rice,miso soup and the cabbage are all you can eat. 

Sashimi, Ebisu
From all over Japan, sake of the best gathered.
Coupon: 1 plate of sashimi