To everyone who are thinking to visit Tokyo this summer.~Let’s enjoy summer in Tokyo!

●Summer in Tokyo is short●
We have four seasons in Japan. The summer period in Tokyo is from the middle of July to the beginning of September. It is rainy season from Jun to the middle of July in Japan. The weather is very humid in rainy season so it might not be a good time for visiting Japan. After rainy season is over, the summer finally comes!
The summer period is just about 2 months and really short so we Japanese people are eagerly looking forward this season every year. One of the reasons why we love summer so much is that there are some wonderful events only in summer! If you visit Tokyo in summer time, you can enjoy the distinctive atmosphere of Japanese summer. Let’s join some of events below and make your trip special! 

■Fireworks Festival
There are several fireworks festivals in Tokyo but we definitely recommend Sumida River Fireworks Festival held in the end of July. It is very close from Asakusa so you can enjoy both sightseeing in Asakusa and the fireworks. We also recommend Tokyo Bay Grand Fireworks Festival held in the middle of August. The location is Tsukiji so that it is easy to access. 

★★Recommended Fireworks Festival ①★★

Sumida River Fireworks Festivals

The most famous fireworks festival in Japan. 
This festival is held in the end of July every summer. Because this is very famous festival, significant congestions is always expected every year. But it’s worth visiting!

★★Recommended Fireworks Festival ②★★
Tokyo Bay Grand Fireworks Festival

This festival is held in Tokyo Bay so you have variety locations to enjoy the fireworks.
Some of the recommended locations are Ginza and Tsukiji. If you are on the other side of the bay, Odaiba is a good location and you have a great view of fireworks from there. 
This festival is held around August 10 th every year.

★★Fireworks Festival held in July and August all around Japan★★

Fireworks festival is one of the summer features in Japan. 
The festivals will be held for a month from July 15th everywhere in Japan. 

This is the picture of fireworks festival in Yokohama which we personally recommend. This festival is held around sea so you can enjoy fireworks from various locations.
It is held in August 1st every year.

There are several different kinds of festivals will be held in summer, such as Asakusa Samba Carnival and Awa Odori Festival. And don’t forget to visit Yatai (street stalls) as well! We recommend B-class gourmet street stalls. You can enjoy festivals and delicious food at the same time.

★★Recommended festival ①★★

Asakusa Samba Festival

★★Recommended festival ②★★

Tokyo Otsuka Awa Odori Festival


B-class gourmet street stalls

Welcome aboard! Why don’t you have a dinner on a houseboat in Tokyo bay? You can enjoy beautiful night view with beer and tempura! The houseboat is in business year-round but we definitely recommend it in summer! 

Many Japanese people wear Yukata when they visit those festivals in summer. Yukata is easy to wear! Why don’t you try them and join summer festivals? 
The details of those festivals, such as date and time haven’t announced yet. We are going to update the information of summer festivals when it’s possible. 





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