The retrospective streets relate to the time when Tokyo was once called Edo. One of Tokyo’s most traditional old town. Ueno is famous for a viewing cherry blossams, are a zoo, an art gallery ,museums, and more.

Main spots to go



River cruise


Ueno park

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Ferry from Asakusa – Hamarikyu or Odaiba    coming soon!

Hamarikyu Gardens just a short walk from Tsukiji Fish Market. So you can transport Tsukiji to Asakusa seeing points of Interest of Tokyo on the river.

Try to ride a Jinriki-sha
coming soon!

Recommend 10 "Gourmet spots" in Ueno/Asakusa
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Tsukiji fisher market – Hamarikyu – Asakusa – Ueno  coming soon!

Recommend gourmet      

Hama-chan (Ueno) 

Recommended spot It is located in the center of downtown Ueno, see many foreign tourists.Casual tempura from 100yen.




Chinese cuisine Tenka
Within walking distance from Ueno and Okachimachi  area.

Coupon: 1 Beer or Soft drink

Nabezo (Asakusa Kaminarimon)
all-you-can-eat syabu-syabu restaurant. coming soon!