Symbolic city as a center of youth culture. So many shops, restaurants and night spots are there.  One of Japan’s best known entertainment district. 

Main spots to go

Shibuya Crossing

Shibuya 109


Tokyu hands

Cat street

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★★It is a tourist spot of very popular overseas travel lot of guests visit every day★★

English menu & Discount coupon spots 

Recommend 10 "Gourmet spots" in Shibuya 
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Recommend 10 "Ramen spots" in Tokyo 
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Things to tell the information in Ebisu
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Boiled pot rice specialty reataurant. Skewers of secret sauce is really delicious.




all-you-can-eat syabu-syabu restaurant. 


Tonkatsu Wako (Shibuya Markcity)
Rice,miso soup and the cabbage are all you can eat. 
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