In front of the station, Ikebukuro has a lot of departmentstores and large scale of electric appliance stores.
Kagurazaka Often called to "Small size of Kyoto".  One of very nice viewing spot.

Main spots to go

Seibu department

Sunshine city 

Yamada denki store

Tokyu hands


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Small kyoto(Kagurazaka) Tour

A beautiful city like Kyoto , Kagurazaka is called Little Kyoto.
It also famous as gourmet town, there are a lot of good spots to eat, especially robata and japanese.  coming soon!

English menu & Discount coupon spots 

Recommend 10 "Groumet spots" in Ikebukuro/Kagurazaka 
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Things to tell the information in Ikebukuro
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How to go to Kagurazaka coming soon!

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Kurogo(Honten) coming soon!

Shop to provide reasonable really delicious Yakiniku. You can eat a luxury meat of A5 rank.