A fashionable area that continues to set the latest trends. Omotesando street lined up with trees,  It’s home to top brands, and has become a mecca for the city’s fashionable people. 

Main spots to go



Kiddy Land

Omotesando street

Cat street

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Harajuku Walking 

★★It is a tourist spot of very popular overseas travel lot of guests visit every day★★

You can walk easily 3 stations (Harajuku,Meiji-jingu-mae and Omotesando)
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English menu & Discount coupon spots 

Things to tell the information in Harajuku
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Takeshita street Walking coming soon!

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To provide as main, chicken rice is the soul food of Singapore.For not only night time, lunch time is also open, let’s try it during the walking Takeshita street.