There are thousands of restaurants in Tokyo. You can find that Japanese food, western food and any kinds of food are with the best qualities! But you are in Tokyo and you definitely should try something unique and special only in Tokyo! We, Guinavi staffs select some of unique restaurants in Tokyo for you! Please check them out!

★★Magic Bar Ginza Jyuniji (12-ji) Ginza-honten★★

This restaurant is located in high society area, Ginza. You can enjoy magic show both on a big stage and at your table right in front of you. All of them are professional magicians! We have all-you-can-drink menu as well. It could be so exciting night! Why don’t you visit this unique restaurant? It could be one of your best memories in Japan!

8-2-15 ginza chuo-ku,tokyo
Nearest station: Ginza/Shinbashi

★★Fishing pond Izakaya! Zauo Shinjuku-ten★★

You can eat seafood on a ship and enjoy fishing as well. There is a ship inside the restaurant and you can eat the very fish you catch by yourself.  Needless to say, they are too fresh! Please experience a sense of accomplishment at the moment you catch fish! It’s absolutely worth visiting!

3-2-9 nishi-shinjuku shinjuku-ku,tokyo
Nearest station: Shinjuku

★★Prison Restaurant “The Lock Up” Shibuya-ten★★

The place looks like a real prison! There are small rooms where you can eat in, called “cell” which are designed based on a solitary cell. You must feel like you are locked up! The food menu is also really unique and entertain you visually with a sense of terror and bright colors. Right after entering this restaurant, you get to put something on your wrists and will be taken to your seat. It’s so exciting! There is also a horror show. Come and enjoy not only good food but the atmosphere of this creepy restaurant!

33-1 udagawa-cho shibuya-ku,tokyo
Nearest station: Shibuya

★★Ninja Akasaka★★

Don’t miss this place, Ninja lovers! There are very friendly waiters and waitresses dressed like a ninja. It’s a ninja-izakaya but more like an amusement park! The inside of the restaurant is like a ninja house and a maze! Ninjas there will call you “tono” (means a lord) for a male customer and “hime” (means a princess) for a female customer. Enjoy an elegant feeling like being tono and hime! The menus related to Ninja, which you can experience only at this restaurant!!After enjoying food, you can enjoy Ninja Magic Show by ninja magician. And please don’t worry. Some of those ninja can speak English as well! Enjoy this unique entertainment restaurant!You can tell your friends that you made friends with ninja!

2-14-3 nagata-cho chiyoda-ku,tokyo
Nearest station: Akasaka-mitsuke

Yes! This is Tokyo! There are many interesting and unique restaurants. You can experience Japanese OMOTENASHI( the spirit of hospitality). Please make your trip special and unforgettable one with visiting those unique restaurants!

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