1.Enjoy the four seasons

2.Tip unnecessary
But, if you give it, then they will surely very pleased

3.Basically only a little English
Simple words about vocabulary and used frequently

4.Strange smoking rules
Smokers can smoke in the restaurant,but can’t it on the streets.and……..

5.Groumet is not expensive unexpectedly in Japan
It is a high cost image, but we can eat variety of foods within 500 yen such as udon and beef bowl.

6.Train during rush hour is crowded
With care at night and morning.Ride in a suitcase to bring their own care must be taken.Some people will hate Tokyo by experienced it.

7.Major downtown area is the city that never sleeps.

8.Convenient open 24-hour spots
Convenience store, B-class groumet shop, Restaurant, Izaka-ya, supermarket……..

9.Most of Tokyo residents possession pasmo or suica IC card.
Must-have item anymore When it get on the trains.

10.Convenience store located here and there
Some people visit many times a day.It is possible to using the toilet by shops.

11.Vending machine located here and there
You can buy a drink both ice and hot.

12.Most Japanese are shy
You may seems to have no friendliness, but they are only shy. Also a problem of English skill.

13.Favorite spa
Day spa suburban great success.

14.Never forget close attention to the safety
Train conductor to confirm that pointed means every time.

15.Quiet in public locations
Has been teaching from an early child so as not to making noise in the elevator,train,etc….. in Japan

16.A lot of manners of life.
It is possible to using the toilet by shops.Check with the store clerk all means

17.Consultation in convenience store If you are stuck in the toilet anyway.
It is possible to using the toilet by shops.

18.Abbreviations lovers
Convenience store = conveni ,McDonald’s hamburger shop = Mac, Makudo , Air conditioner = Aircon….

19.Waiting are aligned to neatly
Align with everyone in the platform of the train, even at peak times in the morning. Also waiting at the cash register of a convenience store.

20.Removing your shoes when going indoors
Outdoors shoes,indoorsslippers.


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